Friday, July 15, 2011

36 days

This week is a step back week. I just came off the two highest mileage weeks I have ever done. 50 miles and 53 miles. I am running better than ever. Despite the hot weather, despite running more miles (or actually maybe because I am running more miles), I think I can finally appreciate what it means to be comfortable while running. Relaxed and comfortable and happy. Or maybe I am deluding myself and have just developed an incredibly high threshold for pain and discomfort.

Either should bode me well.

five weeks left of training, or 36 days.

two more peak weeks.

hopefully a 60+ mile week.

two more 20+ mile runs.

Then in 33 days I board the plane to Iceland. It has seemed like something way off in the distance for so long. More like a dream than reality.

Time passes by so quickly.

I seriously cannot wait but now is the time to finish strongly what is left of my training and to enjoy what is left of my summer in the city. 16 handles, anyone?


Kelsey said...

so nicely put! <3

mealsformiles said...

Congrats on the mileage, lady! And for feeling great about going into your peak weeks. That's so important! And for serious, I heart summer and I heart 16 Handles.

Keri said...

Time certainly does pass by quickly! I see you are running the Steamtown Marathon. I did it last year! If you haven't run it before, def check out my race report...

runlindsrun said...

Way to go with the high mileage! I agree, the more you put in the work the easier and more enjoyable runs get :) A few friends are running the Steamtown Marathon actually- sounds fun!